What is water polo?
All you need to know about the game of water polo:

How much does it cost to join Brooklyn Water Polo club?
Currently we offer two seasons per year. Sept-December and January-June.
1. Developmental group, $600/per season/per athlete with a 20% sibling discount. This includes our regular Monday/Saturday practice and an additional Wednesday practice starting in February. Eligible for scrimmages
2.Competition group (at discretion of Head Coach), $700/per season/per athlete with 20% sibling discount. This includes Monday/Wednesday/Saturday and additional practice time on Fridays and Sundays. Eligible to compete in tournaments
All BWPC athletes are required to be members of USA Water Polo which has annual dues.

What is your practice schedule
January-June 2018
Monday 4:30-6pm @ ST Francis pool – Development, Competition

Saturday 9-11am @ ST Francis pool – Development, Competition
Wednesday 4:30-6pm @ ST Francis pool – Development, Competition, starting date TBA
Friday 4:30-6pm @ LIU pool – Competition
Sunday 2-3:30pm @ LIU pool – Competition

Visit our calendar for updated practice and competition schedule.

Do I have to tryout or pass a swim test?
Each young player has to be a proficient swimmer, our coaches will assess your swimming skills during your first practice. You will be allowed to join a practice to determine if water polo is for you, before you register for the season.
Brooklyn Water Polo is not a learn to swim program.
We encourage all our players to join a swim team.

Where do you practice?
St. Francis Brooklyn Pool180 Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights.
LIU Pool1 University Plaza, Brooklyn.
Enter at the Steinberg Wellness Center on Ashland Place, between Dekalb and Willoughby.

What should I bring to practice?
Your sunny personality and a team spirit, goggles, water and a towel. A mouth guard is recommended if you are wearing braces. Additionally:
Boys: speedo suit (no swim trunks) and a swim cap if you have long hair
Girls: one-piece water polo swimsuit that zips up the back and a swim cap.

What Should You Eat Before and After Water Polo Practice?
Click HERE for an interesting article

Do I need to work-out in addition to playing water polo?
Yes! Strength training will help you avoid injury and build stamina and flexibility.
Some helpful exercises can be found here:

What if I have more questions?
Feel free to CONTACT us. We will be happy to help