Friday Water Polo Clinics Begin Oct 7 @ LIU Brooklyn

The New York City Aquatics Partnership (NYCAP) will begin the first of 10 water polo clinics at the LIU Brooklyn pool (161 Ashland Place).  Times are 4:30 - 6pm on the following dates:
October 7, 14, 21, 28
November 4, 11, 18
December 2, 9, 16

The goal is to have approximately 20 players of various levels developing water polo skills. Following is a synopsis of the basic program for the clinics:

A. Social

  1. Create a team atmosphere focused on success
  2. Create opportunities for long-term friendships
  3. Water polo is a team sport; if everyone works together it’s best for the team.

B.  Health and Development

  1. Focus on a healthy diet to provide a strong fitness base for water polo.
  2. Physical development, growth and muscle development
  3. Basic anatomy, stretching (what and why) and fitness on and off the deck
  4. Building confidence that will be beneficial in all aspects of life
  5. Respecting opponents and sportsmanship in general
  6. Effective conditioning techniques through land-based exercises.

C. Technical

  1. Basic water polo rules
  2. Understandings fouls and what different whistles mean
  3. Controlling emotions and adhering to referee's calls
  4. Following coach's instructions, understanding shots clock, etc.

D. Improving Skills

  1. Ball handling; how to hold/control the ball, including pumping, faking, etc.
  2. Protecting the ball from defenders
  3. Passing techniques, using both hands, dry, wet, whole set
  4. Defense basics, how to prevent counterattacks, etc.
  5. Proper defensive positioning as well as defending the whole set, etc.
  6. How to shoot as a whole set, using both hands
  7. How to shoot from the counterattack
  8. How to choose when, where and why to shoot
  9. Proper shooting techniques: high percentages shots, body, leg, shoulder positions, arm release point

E. Game Play

  1. Every position's duties and body position
  2. How to help teammates on defense
  3. How to properly defend when a man down
  4. How to properly utilize man-up situations
  5. How to earn kick-outs and have the advantage
  6. How to position in order not to get ejected
  7. How to get open and set up for a proper pass
  8. How to recognize counterattacks and to defend them
  9. How to recognize advantage in counterattacks and how to utilize them
  10. How to control the game