2018 USA Water Polo Junior Olympics Day Six: Cinderella Has Jumped in the Pool

APTOS, CA. For the uninitiated, the USA Water Polo National Junior Olympics resembles a vast, unimaginably intricate maze of teams and games and pools and schedules. But, in a tale as old as fire, when one team unexpectedly succeeds, the path becomes immediately clear: follow the underdog where they lead.

Such is the tale of the Brooklyn Hustle, a first-time participant at JOs.

Born out of a desire by New York City parents to give their daughters a chance to “play with the girls,” the Hustle are a hybrid of 14U players culled from teams all over the East, including Capital Water Polo in DC, the Makos Polo from Manhattan and the Brooklyn Water Polo Club. Not meshing at first because of their disparate locations and backgrounds, at JOs the squad of Sydney Barta, Bebe and Maggie Currie, Skye Gallagher, Rachel Obora, Genevieve Randazzo, Gigi Sandull, Olivia Smith, Elektra Urbatsch and Julia Wolfson has coalesced under the leadership of Head Coach Gabby Juarez to fashion outsized success.

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Maggie Currie in action. Photo Courtesy: Catharyn Hayne

Maggie Currie in action. Photo Courtesy: Catharyn Hayne